The site is dedicated to the work of Odessa artists, Alla and Mickola Vorokhta.

Alla Vorokhta’s graphic works have a refined line, with a complex gradation of black and white, and an amazing velvety texture of the drawing. Her graphics are very poetic, each work is filled with a precisely found plastic idea. The artist works in all graphic techniques, she is equally good at etchings, drawings with a pen, a silver needle, pencil and sanguine, pastels, gouache and watercolors. But she is cramped within the framework of one genre, evidence of this is the beautiful paintings, graceful panels, made in the macrame technique.

Honored Artist of Ukraine Mickola Vorokhta works in the field of thematic and landscape painting, paid tribute to non-figurative and unrealistic compositions, in many of the artist’s works elements of neoclassical painting and symbolism coexist quite organically. His original individual style is recognizable even in unsigned works and is based both on the traditions of the South Russian school of painting, and on the achievements of the Transcarpathian and Western Ukrainian schools of fine arts.

The works of artists are in the collections of Ukrainian and foreign museums, private collections in over 70 countries of the world.